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Cognia ALSDE Continuous Improvement Webinar Series
Cognia’s Continuous Improvement Process (October 21)
Cognia’s Continuous Improvement Tools (October 28)
What’s New With Cognia (September 23)
ACIP Part 1 Planning, Accessing, Re-Examining & Reviewing (September 16)
ACIP Part 2 Planning & Implementation Phases (October 7)
ACIP Part 3 Monitoring & Evaluation Phase (October 14)
Cognia Supports STEM in Alabama (September 30)
ACIP Part 4 Evaluation Phase (May 14)

Completing the Alabama Continuous Improvement (ACIP) in eProve Strategies

ACIP with Cognia Strategies
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Exploring the Strategic Thinking and Planning Process: The Envisioning Phase
Exploring the Strategic Thinking and Planning Process: The Planning Phase
* If you do not have access please contact your school administrator or district administrator for school improvement.

Compliance Monitoring
Why Compliance Monitoring
Overview of the Self-Assessment Process
Accessing the Diagnostic
Completing the Diagnostic – Part 1
Completing the Diagnostic – Part 2
Findings (formerly citations)
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Teacher Observation Tool

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Alabama Teacher Observation Tool (ATOT)


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