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Cognia ALSDE Continuous Improvement Supports
Cognia’s Continuous Improvement Process (October 21)
Cognia’s Continuous Improvement Tools (October 28)
Cognia Supports STEM in Alabama (September 30)

Completing the Alabama Continuous Improvement (ACIP) in eProve Strategies
ACIP Part 1 Planning, Accessing, Re-Examining & Reviewing (September 16)
ACIP Part 2 Planning & Implementation Phases (October 7)
ACIP Part 3 Monitoring & Evaluation Phase (October 14)
ACIP Part 4 Evaluation Phase (May 14)

ACIP with Cognia Strategies
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Exploring the Strategic Thinking and Planning Process: The Envisioning Phase
Exploring the Strategic Thinking and Planning Process: The Planning Phase
* If you do not have access please contact your school administrator or district administrator for school improvement.

Compliance Monitoring
Why Compliance Monitoring
Overview of the Self-Assessment Process
Accessing the Diagnostic
Completing the Diagnostic – Part 1
Completing the Diagnostic – Part 2
Findings (formerly citations)

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Teacher Observation Tool

Telena Madison
Alabama Teacher Observation Tool (ATOT)


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